:: General Purpose Polyamide
:: Glass Fibre Reinforced
:: Mineral Filled Paintable
:: Selflubricated Wear Resistant
:: Tough Alloys
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The quality is assured by a lab equipped with state of art and precisely accurate testing machines and equipments procured from reputed manufacturers with international acclaim.

The company has setup online testing procedure whereby every batch is tested as to quality and all batches thoroughly inspected for quality confirmation before dispatch. The company has installed the best machines in the market,right from the Viscometer to density tester are all digitally automatic for accuracy, eliminating human error totally.

The first stage of quality assurance starts from testing of raw-material and additives. The raw material is checked with stringent test and strict standards for its quality are in place.As finish goods quality depends primarily on raw material quality.

KLON provides materials which are supported by its quality assurance.

Each batch is tested at regular intervals to prevent variation and maintain consistency. The batch to batch variation is avoided due to constant effort as to quality checks right from raw material, additives and strict procedures are followed in the compounding process resulting in consistency in various batches.
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